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Q: Is the piece of sapphire jewellery or the loose sapphire pictured on the website the actual item I will receive?

A: Yes. All items displayed on the website are available for immediate delivery (except in the case of a sapphire ring resize) and the item you see displayed is the same item you will receive.


Q: How long does it take to resize a sapphire ring and how much is it?

A: Depending on our workload at the time of placing your order , a resize could take between 1 to 3 days. Items such as sapphire earrings, pendants, loose sapphires and rings which don't require a resize will be dispatched the same day as payment clearance and delivery within most areas in Australia is overnight. Delivery of sapphire rings which need a resize is extra 1-3 days. Please note we will always endeavour to resize as soon as possible and will take into consideration rings needed for urgent dates.

We offer one FREE resize with any ring purchase so we ask customers to be certain of their size before purchase. You can view our ring size chart or email for us advice on sizes.


Q: How do I purchase a piece of sapphire jewellery displayed on the website?

A: You can either simply purchase through the website by clicking on "add to cart" displayed on each items page and following the prompts or you can phone or email us to place an order.


Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. Paypal and credit card options are available through the website and we can take credit card payments over the phone or by email. email us for our bank account details to make a bank transfer.


Q: Once I have ordered and paid how will know if my order has been received and accepted?

A: If you order at any time through the website you will instantly receive an automated email recepit detailing all aspects of your order. If you order over the phone or by email we will manually issue a receipt by email or mail at the earliest time possible.


Q: Are there any extra charges?

A: If you order for delivery within Australia there are NO extra charges. All items include GST and delivery. For orders to be delivered outside Australia a one off delivery charge of AUD$25.00 will be added at checkout.


Q: How much of a likeness are the photos to the actual piece of sapphire jewellery listed on the website?

A: Each item is individually photographed. We don't use a set of generic photos for each design. This way the likness is kept as exact as we can achieve. No photos are photo shopped in any way except for adding some light when neccessary , and zooming in and cropping the picture. These close up images allow the customer to look very closely into the stone and examine the setting, more so than most online retailers.




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