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About Us/Why buy from us?  was launched in 2009 by Opal Search Australia.


Opal Search Australia is an owned and operated family business who have been involved in the opal industry in Australia through mining and jewellery manufactrue for over 40 years.


Through our extensive network of contacts in the Australian mining industry, we are able to source some of the finest quality natural sapphire in the world from our own back yard.


In sourcing directly from the miners and using our own jewellery manufacturing proceedures ,which we have had in place for many years we are able to offer our online customers exceptional value for money with the guarantee that they are buying a quality product.


Obviously a natural sapphire even with some treatment is going to be far more expensive than a man made sapphire, but we are always trying to offer customers the best possible price for our natural sapphire range. After all, why buy a man made sapphire when for a few dollars more you can have a natural one from us.


As miners of precious gems in Australia for many years we completely guarantee the authenticity of all our sapphires and welcome any test or examination of any one of our stones. For a more detailed look at our company history and mining activities please visit our sister site.

Why buy from us?

You may of noticed when searching other sapphire websites for a special something that a few will advertise their sapphires originating from such countries as Thailand, Burma, Madagascar , Ceylon, etc etc. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that natural sapphires from most of these countries mines dried up years ago or have been depleted to the state that the quality is inferior from years gone by. Also you will notice that some of these websites seem to have an endless supply of this rare untreated or mildly treated material. Buyers from around the world , including places such as Thailand, USA and Europe have been buying their sapphires here in Australia and renaming them as being from different origin. The truth of the matter is that Australia is one of the main sources of Sapphire to the world markets. When buying from us you will be sure to be buying the original and genuine article as opposed to the guessing game which can occur when buying elsewhere. You have the peace of mind knowing that your Sapphire is genuine and has been mined exactly where we say it has been. Even when buying from the large retailers are you sure of what you are buying? Do the owners of these stores source these stones from the miners and set them themselves? The answer is no. The sapphires in most of these stores are sourced through their own organisations catalogues for franchise owners. Do they know the origin or treatment donee on these sapphires? More than likely not.

We source our sapphires directly from the miners, sometimes even in the rough, set the sapphires ourselves in stunning designs and sell direct to the public through . Our process to get the finished product to buyers is all done by us personally and not handled by many different individuals where origins and sapphire treatments can be compromised. You will notice our photography is REAL. Not cartoony like drawings of a generic item you may receieve. The item pictured on our website is the actual item you will receive. This is how you should buy genuine sapphire, as one off individually made item.    



Selling Natural Sapphire to the World
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